Our coming together story stemmed from loneliness and lack of community.  After leaving my hometown and moving to NYC I realized that it was going to be impossible to be in this city without friends. As I began to envision my ideal sisterhood I thought about the things we’d talk about and do together. I called us Goddess Council. I shared my ideas with the internet, and invited strangers to my apartment,the rest is divine.

What started out with one gathering turned into multiple and quickly hundreds of women were asking how they could be a part of this. Now, our team is made up of the very women I met at the first gatherings! We quickly realized that so many were also craving a community to help them feel supported through the ups and downs of adulthood, so we’re committed to bridging the gap!

We bring together goddesses who are looking to make long-lasting adult friendships, participate in meaningful conversations, and heal collectively.

We’re all excited to have you be a part of it!

With love,

Cat and the Goddess Council Team





Who is considered a goddess?

When you hear the word goddess does it resonate with you? Do you feel like one? If the answer is yes, then this is for you!


Small intimate gatherings where we come together to hold space for each other to decompress and build divine connections.

Hosted in one of our goddesses’ homes for about 2 hours.

Light bites and drinks are provided by the host and covered by your ticket purchase!


All invite pages are password protected as a way of providing a layer of protection for the hosts information and to keep the gatherings limited to our true community.

The password to enter the RSVP page will be provided in our newsletter, so the only way to get in is by joining our mailing list or by being referred by a friend!


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Alexis Haut

Operations Director

Arius Reynoso

Creative Director

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Cat Lantigua

CEO - Founder

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Berénicé Brino

Marketing Director